Chiropractic Testimonials

"In March of last year I was hospitalized with a digestive problem and ended up with an NG tube. Although the previous years had been full of stomach problems, this particular event was one of the worst."

"During the many doctor visits and procedures that followed, I realized that two of my doctors were prescribing me medications that were doing the exact opposite of one another. I was supposed to be taking them both multiple times daily. A friend recommended I see her enzyme specialist so I made an appointment with Chanelle in April. It did not take long for me to realize God’s anointing on her. She was warm, caring and very compassionate with me. She began to educate me on how to properly balance the different areas of my mind, body and spirit starting with enzymes. We began to incorporate EPT which has dramatically helped me work through the traumas and unforgiveness in my past. The amazing work that Chanelle has done with me has given me the confidence and healthy balance I needed to successfully transition from taking medications for heartburn, IBS symptoms, headaches and depression to taking no medications at all. I have subsequently not seen any outside doctors (except Dr. Hulbert) since April of last year.

A couple of months into my work with Chanelle, she introduced me to Dr. Hulbert and the whole family was evaluated for treatment. My five year old son was having headaches and behavioral issues in kindergarten. My husband had past medical issues including high blood pressure, kidney stones, sinus problems, headaches and anxiety. We began to see Dr. Hulbert 2-3 times a week and saw immediate results. Dr. Hulbert and Chanelle taught us the connections between good health, good nutrition, chiropractic care and total wellness. They have opened up our eyes to an organic eating plan and the dangers of continuing to put things in to our bodies that are unsafe. We no longer eat from a box or shop from the center grocery store aisles. The overall results have been drastic! My son’s behavior problems are gone. He no longer eats the school lunches or sugary snacks they provide. His teacher has been amazed by the total positive transformation. His attention, behavior and overall decision making abilities have improved! She was so moved by this that her family is starting to make nutrition a number one priority as well.

My husband was probably most skeptical at the beginning of our treatment. He has however started to embrace the positive changes in our son’s behavior as well as his own health changes. Although he is still dealing with some kidney stone issues they are not as serious as in the past and he is managing them with less medication. We are confident that with continued care this issue will become nonexistent.

I know that without a doubt God has placed Chanelle and Dr. Hulbert in our lives. They are like a second family to us now and we believe what they teach and trust their guidance because we have experienced firsthand that they are in the business of helping people, not in making money off of them. We would recommend them in your journey to wellness!"

- Tammy P.

"Several months ago a motorcycle accident resulted in eight broken bones in my left shoulder area and some nerve damage. A good friend recommended Dr. Russell after my traditional physical therapy at a local hospital stopped after three months at about 70% function return."

"My first visit with Dr. Russell was very encouraging observing his interest and optimism but also the diagnostics and information. He believed he could help my “frozen shoulder” return to 100% range of motion (if I was committed as well) and within several months he delivered!

My nerve palsy condition has also improved along with a prior numbness issue. He obviously is very knowledgeable and skilled in many areas of patient healthcare and more than willing to encourage and help his patients improve and maintain their health.

For me, setting a high standard and desirable goals has been part of his achievable approach. Both Dr. Russell and Lucy, his office manager, always make you feel welcome and part of Premier Family Healthcare’s “family”. I believe the Chiropractic Lifestyle Center is a great asset to the community. I highly recommend them to improve and maintain healthy lives for people of all ages."

- John L.

"Dr. Hulbert adjusted me on my first visit. I was able to sleep that night for the first time in 3 weeks-that’s right, 3 weeks!! Right away the pain began to fade. After my fifth visit the pain was gone.

I went from being in severe pain in my knee every time I stood from a sitting position and not sleeping to being pain-free and sleeping well.

Dr. Hulbert sometimes refers to the adjustments as “turning the power on”. I want you to know the power is on and I feel like a million bucks!"

- Phil S.

"I was having ear problems, anxiety, back and shoulder pain. I knew chiropractic could help with back pain and possibly shoulder pain but it wasn’t until my neighbor referred me to help with my ear issues. I was having difficulty hearing along with pressure and fullness in my ear. It was very frustrating and it was consuming my life."

"I’ve had tubes put in one ear but really didn’t want to go through the process again. Dr. Hulbert was great. He listened to my problem, did a detailed exam and explained what was going on at a level I could understand.

After the first visit I noticed a dramatic change in my anxiety it had completely resolved which was amazing and had no clue chiropractic could help with that. Not to mention my medical doctor wanted to get my on drugs which I refuse to take. The back and shoulder pain after a number of treatments greatly reduced which allows me to work out again, to care for my husband while enjoying a pain free life. As far as the ear problems go, Dr. Hulbert was able to help, I started hearing more with less pressure but unfortunately the progress hit a plateau and with Dr. Hulbert’s recommendations we proceeded with another course of treatment with my medical doctor.

I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Hulbert, he’s so knowledgeable in regards to true health, nutrition, and exercise. I have continued to see Dr. Hulbert in order to build my health while staying active, to relieve stress and stay pain free. I would recommend Dr. Hulbert to anyone. There is not better investment than you my own health. Thank you so much."

- Willie G.

"I first came to see Dr. Russell because my knee hurt when extending. I had already seen my family doctor, who referred me to an orthopedic doctor to see about cortisone shots for my ‘arthritic knee.’

I had never had a problem with my knee so I was skeptical – that’s why I came to see Dr. Russell. I walked out of from Dr. Russell’s office totally pain free and have been pain-free since.

Since then, I’ve continued to come for adjustments and whole-body care. As a result, I have stopped taking a heartburn medicine, an allergy medicine and my daily ibuprofen is a thing of the past. I’ve never felt better! The staff is very friendly and professional and I can always get an appointment when needed. I will continue to refer my friends and family to Dr. Russell."

- Sandy K.


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